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The Farmer’s Son ★★✩✩✩

Title: The Farmer’s Son

Author: G. A. Hauser

Genre: m/m fiction

Print length: 324 pages

Publication date: April 4, 2013

Rating: Two Stars

Blurb: All Wade Reed wanted to do was make it to his brother, Cole’s parole hearing at Corcoran State Prison. But the forty year old environmental planner from LA, never made it. With a bad navigation system and the infamous Tule fog, Wade ended up on a road to nowhere, his BMW stuck in the mud. His gas tank running low, no phone reception, Wade couldn’t think of a worse scenario.

Until…headlights appeared through the gloom.

Twenty-two year old Ayden Solomon worked with his three brothers and father on the almond orchard in the Great Central Valley. Ayden, being the youngest, and prettiest, was constantly the source of amusement for his brothers’ teasing and put up with it, but grew weary of the bullying. At night, when he was alone in his room, Ayden drew superhero comics, a dynamic duo who he imagined would save the world from bullies…bullies who attacked men like him. Gay men.

After unsuccessfully trying to pull Wade’s car out of the ditch, and getting himself stuck as well, the two strangers spend the night in Ayden’s truck, keeping warm, talking, bonding, and sharing things with each other; personal things. Ayden and Wade, although had nothing in common, got to know each other on a very deep level in the eight hours they were sitting in the dense fog, alone and completely isolated.

What had begun as a frustrating trip for Wade, had turned into a gay erotic fantasy with a young stud. But neither man could imagine what would come next, when the city slicker met…The Farmer’s Son.

Instalove to the rescue! The two main characters meet and the next thing you know, their cocks are out and they’re just going at it. I mean, that’s great if you were looking for a porn novel with no depth, but I expect a little more from three hundred pages. There is no consistency in their characters; one minute they’re strangers, the next they’re talking like they’ve known each other for years, and then moments later they’re strangers again. The back and forth was giving me vertigo. Also, all their issues and problems just magically disappear by the end of the book as if instalove is some wonderful problem plow that can just push everything out of the way.
The whole thing was blah from the beginning to the end. Two stars for the sex. Maybe.

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