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Freedom ★★★★★




Title: Freedom

Author: Jay Kirkpatrick

Genre: m/m futuristic & science fiction

Print length: 223 pages

Publication date: March 10, 2013

Rating: Five Stars

Blurb: In a future Earth, Patrick Harvey, newly promoted Class One Empath, dreams of the independence his position brings and the apartment he’s saving for. His first solo assignment is treating John Doe 439, a man found outside the city, battered, traumatized, and apparently mute.

Despite a strong taboo against Empaths forging romantic relationships, Patrick realizes he feels a strong attraction to his patient. Soon he learns the man is a high-level Psychic Talent named Jac. Then Jac reveals that there are abusive people hunting him for his gifts, and Patrick’s uncomplicated world explodes.

Jac needs to meet up with his companions and flee the city before anyone else can find him—but it may be too late. Word of Jac’s talents has leaked to Central Government in Chicago. If Jac wants to retain his freedom, he needs to run—now. And if Patrick wants to explore a relationship his society tells him he can’t have, he’ll have to exchange the safe fetters of his job for the uncertainty of liberty.

Finally! A breath of freaking fresh air in this genre. Just in time too, because I was pretty sure I was going to suffocate soon. I don’t even know where to start but I’ll try not to gush.
Real characters. Real personalities. Each and every one presented so skillfully that you’re likely to forget that you’re reading fiction. It’s so incredibly easy to relate to Patrick. A nice, normal guy, living in a world where everything makes sense, where everything has a purpose including him. He wants what we all want; a stable job, a comfortable life, and with some hard work, a steady climb up the corporate ladder. Despite the fact that the world he lives in is completely fictional, you find yourself comfortably sinking into Patrick’s beliefs, his routines, his life.
When the author presents John Doe 439 for the first time, it’s just a small ripple in a pond. A ripple that grows larger and larger, until Patrick’s world starts to shimmer and shake, until everything he believes in crumbles to dust.
I won’t summarize the book for you. I couldn’t give it enough credit if I tried. But I will say that a solid plot like this one is somewhat of a lost art. Many writers attempt it and most of them fail. While the action is solid, the build up is immaculate. This isn’t a story written around the romance, this an actual book, written with a purpose, a theme. The romance comes off like an occasional ray of sunshine through the clouds, and when it does, it will sweep you off your feet.
I’ve read so many bad novels in this genre, I’ve forgotten what it feels like to not be able to put a book down. To be so completely immersed in a story that you forget to sleep or eat. I’d like to thank the author for reminding me of this.
This is a Brave New World with a chance of a happily ever after. It’s rich, lovely, and impeccably created. I adore it and recommend it with all my heart.

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