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Bonds of Earth ★★★★✩




Title: Bonds of Earth

Author: G. N. Chevalier

Genre: m/m historical romance

Print length: 240 pages

Publication date: January 8, 2012

Rating: Four Stars

Blurb: In 1918, Michael McCready returned from the war with one goal: to lose himself in the pursuit of pleasure. Once a promising young medical student, Michael buried his dreams alongside the broken bodies of the men he could not save. After fleeing New York to preserve the one relationship he still values, he takes a position as a gardener on a country estate, but he soon discovers that the house hides secrets and sorrows of its own. While Michael nurses the estate’s neglected gardens, his reclusive employer dredges up reminders of the past Michael is desperate to forget.
John Seward’s body was broken by the war, along with his will to recover until a family crisis convinces him to pursue treatment. As John’s health and outlook improve under Michael’s care, animosity yields to understanding. He and John find their battle of wills turning into something stronger, but fear may keep them from finding hope and healing in each other.

Now here is a book that clearly belongs in the upper crust of this genre. There are a few things more satisfying than a smooth flowing historical novel that has been well researched. These are real, flesh-and-bone characters, immaculately drawn, achingly imperfect. Nothing is out of balance here, nothing is out of place. Despite its puzzle-like neatness some people will complain about, there is no sense of forced currents in the story line. The writer’s style can be both blunt and luxurious at once, a wonderful combination when done right. There is no trace of overabundance in drama (which, by the way, tends to be the greatest downfall of novels in this particular genre) but at the same time, it is by no means lacking in emotion. All in all, very well done. I am anxious to find out what other treasures this writer has in store for me.


Buy it from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Bonds-of-Earth-ebook/dp/B006V7NRCO/ref=cm_cr-mr-img


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